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Marijani Holiday Resort
We are situated at the small fishing village Watamu, just at a distance of 100 metres far from the beach "Watamu Beach" behind the former "African Safari Club". Coming from Mombasa it is about 80 kilometres north direction and 30 kilometres driving the B 8 before reaching Malindi town.
Coming from Mombasa by bus or Matatu:
The stage where you get in is called "Pakistan stage" (before it was "Bondeni market").
If you take the Malindi bus or a Matatu going direction to Malindi, you drop at Gede, from
there you must take a Matatu to Watamu.
Matatu to Watamu: Go to the end station at "Mama Lucy Supermarket", there you get out and walk down the "Beach Way" direction to the beach "Watamu Beach". From Mama Lucy Supermarket you will have a short walk of 400 metres until you are reaching our Resort. You pass "Francis Corner shop", some local fish shops and some houses of European style. We are settled left hand, just near to the beach behind the former "African Safari Club".
For any questions you can also phone Toni, our manager by mobile 0735 25 82 63 or landline 042 2332510. We wish you a safe journey and hope to see you soon among us.
Some of our comfortable double rooms have their own kitchens with utensils, so you can choose between bed and breakfast or your own kitchen instead. In every case all our guestrooms have their own fridges and bathrooms that you don't have to share with other guests. There are ceiling fans, hot- and coldwater, mosquito nets and huge four poster beds in all rooms.
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